Aperture, the annual strategy scan

Don’t just pay lip service to your strategy. Have a fact-based dialogue about your company’s fundamental questions of strategy.

Aperture’s powerful data visualization platform enables your top team to have a fact-based discussion about strategy, focusing on what truly matters to your company’s success.

Get input from employees

With Aperture’s easy-to-use online survey, you can probe employees from across the organization on how they perceive the company’s strategy. Questions cover the company’s value proposition, its key capabilities, its portfolio of products and services, strategic leadership, and the impact of the strategy.

Understand your company’s overall performance

  • -the company’s overall performance
  • -how it’s doing along each of the five main dimensions: value proposition, capabilities, portfolio, strategic leadership, impact
  • -the progress it has made since the previous year
  • -how it compares against benchmarks

Uncover strengths and weaknesses

The Aperture tool highlights your company’s biggest strengths, the area in which it has improved the most, but also those aspects of your strategy and execution employees are most concerned about.

Understand what drives results

Aperture sheds light on what’s driving your company’s performance, allowing you to identify what’s working well and what needs improvement by zooming into individual questions.

Compare results for different organizational units

Aperture enables you to identify root causes for success or issues by comparing results for various business units, management levels, or functions.

Uncover your company’s strategy archetype

The Aperture tool allows you to determine which strategy archetype your company is most closely aligned with. These archetypes are defined by the common set of challenges they face when it comes to developing and executing a winning strategy.

Aperture allows you to check in on your strategy—just like you check in on your people—and make strategy an ongoing dialogue that leads to real action.

“Collects feedback from across the organization on how the company is doing around strategy.”

“Like your annual people survey – but on the topic of strategy.”

“Allows you to measure progress over time and compare your performance to industry benchmarks.”

“Creates the right conditions to ask the difficult questions, have a real debate, and create true alignment.”

Here’s a situation that may sound familiar.

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Four steps to creating a real dialogue around strategy and making a step-change improvement

1. Assess

Through the Aperture survey, employees in your organization assess how well your company is doing along the strategy-to-execution continuum.

The survey focuses on the fundamental questions of strategy every company needs to answer, covering the company’s value proposition, capabilities, products and services, strategic leadership, and impact. Questions can be tailored to your company’s unique situation.

2. Converse and commit

Top management holds a workshop to discuss results from the organization’s assessment – what works well, what needs improvement, what can we learn from individual teams or businesses?

The top team meeting concludes with a set of tangible actions and commitments to improve the company’s strategy and execution.

3. Execute and improve

The top team leads the implementation of the action plan that will help further the strategy itself, better execute it, and make it relevant for employees.

4. Make it stick

Getting feedback from the organization on an annual basis allows you to measure progress and uncover potential new strategic issues.

The payoff

  • Deep insights into what’s getting in your company’s way to success
  • Fact-based dialogue among the top team about the fundamental questions of strategy
  • True alignment about what matters to your company’s success
  • Stronger accountability for strategy and its execution
  • Roadmap for creating a strategy that works

Do you want to become future ready?

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