Kapsch: A strategic transformation

The family-led technology firm reinvents itself to offer global intelligent mobility solutions for 21st century traffic challenges working with PwC’s Strategy&.

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Enabling growth with cost transformation and operational improvement

Companies need a strategic approach to cost transformation to achieve lasting growth. Our Fit for Growth* programs have helped the world’s top companies gain a competitive advantage by refocusing their costs on the capabilities that are truly critical for their success and designing supportive organisations and cultures to make the improvements sustainable. By making deliberate, strategy-backed choices about costs and applying rigorous operational improvement, companies emerge from Fit for Growth transformations leaner, stronger, and ready for growth.

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A practical approach to business transformation

To learn more about our collaborative approach to business transformation, check out our book: Fit for Growth.

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The Fit for Growth Index

A quantitative measure of how well a company connects its cost and growth agendas.


Insights: our latest and key publications

Future of Life Insurance in Japan
The customer base for the Japanese life insurance industry is heavily influenced by three distinct trends. This paper examines the changing issues in the life insurance industry and presents a capability model to help insurers succeed in the Japanese market.