Shape the future by inspiring companies to take bold actions.

From masterminding the merger between the National and American Football League’s in the 1960s, helping Chrysler with its historic turnaround in the 1970s, developing supply chain management theory in the 1980s, working with the German government to privatize Germany’s telecom operations and establish Deutsche Telekom in the 1990s, developing the Organizational DNA concept in the 2000s, and launching our book Strategy That Works in 2016, Strategy& has always pioneered big ideas.

We bring a diversity of viewpoints together to challenge conventional wisdom, innovate, and inspire companies to take bold actions.

At Strategy& you will be part of that legacy. You will turn big ideas into action, reshape businesses, and create lasting impact.

“Getting clients to act despite the uncertainty that lies ahead is so rewarding. It’s incredibly satisfying to know that I’m having a real business impact with my work.”

Develop yourself as you help deliver change.

Our approach

It starts with your own innate ability to challenge conventional assumptions – to spark thoughtful debate with colleagues and clients. With Strategy&, you won’t use ‘off the shelf’ strategies. We create bespoke solutions based on the true capabilities of the client.

Our unique approach builds from the premise that, within each organization, a few differentiating capabilities drive identity and success. Working as part of a team to frame a problem, you’ll then go on to test your hypotheses with deep dives into data and analyses. Finally, you’ll work out how strategy can become a reality. We measure success by our ability to make a lasting impact that creates sustainable value over time.

To us, strategy is not so much about where to go or how to grow, it’s about who you are. And we take the same approach with you and your development.

What do Apple, Danaher, Natura, Haier, and IKEA have in common? They have succeeded by breaking the rules.

Strategy That Works

In all too many businesses there is a significant and unnecessary gap between strategy and execution: a lack of connection between where the enterprise aims to go and what it can accomplish. In our new book, Strategy That Works, published by Harvard Business Review Press, we studied 14 iconic companies to learn what they do to close the strategy-to-execution gap – how they create value for customers, what few capabilities allow them to do so in a way that others cannot, and what products and services thrive in their unique capabilities system.

What did we discover? Leaders of these companies excel at 5 unconventional acts — management practices that contradict conventional wisdom

Watch a quick video overview and read an excerpt from the book on the HBR blog that explains the “5 unconventional acts” and how capabilities-driven companies put them to work.

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Investigating trends at the world’s 1000 largest corporate R&D spenders.

Global Innovation 1000

Most of the world’s major innovators are in the midst of the same transformational journey. They are moving into a new world in which R&D is shifting more and more to developing the software that enables and enhances the performance of their products, and on developing services they can sell along with the products, which provide customers with additional features and improved usability.

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What are the world’s largest companies looking for in their leaders?

CEO Success study

Annually, Strategy& assesses what companies look for in their CEOs by analyzing the decisions companies make when it's time to choose a new leader. In this year’s report, we take a special look at outsider CEOs and the circumstances in which they are being hired. In addition, we have our annual analysis on CEO turnover, the 2015 incoming class of CEOs, and women CEOs.

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The experts on organizational culture, teaming and informal organization.

The Katzenbach Center

The Katzenbach Center helps clients close the strategy-through-execution gap by putting their cultures to work. With a network of practitioners advising across multiple industries, geographies, and client situations, we guide clients as they tap the power of their cultures and unlock the wisdom of teams to foster performance.

Our time-tested methodology and focused thought leadership is rooted in the original works of leading organizational strategy advisor and best-selling author, Jon Katzenbach.

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The Ideation Center is Strategy&’s Middle East think tank.

The Ideation Center

We aim to promote sustainable growth in the region by helping leaders across sectors translate socioeconomic trends into actions and better business decisions.

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Client stories

See our approach in action.

Urban water and wastewater strategy and organization
Urban water and wastewater strategy and organization
Strategy& was retained by a Middle East country’s newly established ministry of electricity, water, and gas to define an organizational and business strategy for its urban water and wastewater sector.