Fit for Growth Index profiler

Compare your company’s "fitness" level against competitors’ and determine your Fit for Growth Index score.

Are you ready for growth?

Our five-minute Fit for Growth* Index profiler allows you to assess your firm’s readiness for growth, compares your company to players from across your industry, and visualizes the payoff from managing cost in a more strategic way. We also provide tailored recommendations for preparing your company for growth based on your unique starting point.

The view of your company will be based on your own inputs and publicly available financial data. Some survey results may be reported in aggregate and with disguised company information. All individual responses will be kept strictly confidential, and no company-specific information will be revealed. If you have any questions or problems, please contact Dr. Deniz Caglar.

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Fit for Growth Index profiler

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Strategy& Fit for Growth Index Profiler surveyed more than 1900 executives from companies of all sizes around the world to understand how well they align their strategy and cost agenda.
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A practical approach to business transformation

To learn more about our collaborative approach to business transformation, check out our book: Fit for Growth.

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