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The chemicals industry is undergoing profound change. However, many details of what the future might look like are still unclear. Strategy& has identified seven major future trends in the chemicals sector, which are highlighted in this short video.

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The road to Chemicals value creation in 2030

Is your leadership team challenging some of the basic assumptions of strategy? You need different voices asking difficult questions to have a real debate. That way, when you reach a conclusion, you know it’s the right conclusion. So, how do you begin to have the meaningful discussion in your organization about what’s really important to your company’s success?

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Aperture, Strategy&’s annual strategy scan

Five years ago, a new consulting firm was born. Its name? Strategy&. Hard to pronounce at first - now we love it. Learn more about our company as we celebrate our five year anniversary that is built on more than 100 years of heritage. We are PwC's global strategy business. We turn vision into reality, and ambition into action. We develop strategies that are built to deliver from the start. Strategy, made real.

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Strategy& celebrating five years

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