2019 Industry Trends

Our world is changing with tireless speed. The challenge is keeping up with it.

This year, we’ve combined CEO insights from the PwC 22nd Annual Global CEO Survey, with expert analysis to produce a series of industry trends reports. Explore below to learn about crucial trends and strategic options.

22nd Annual Global CEO Survey

2019 Industry Trends

2018 Industry Trends

Aerospace and Defense Trends 2018-19
The aerospace and defense industry is at a crossroads. Traditionally highly averse to risk, A&D companies must take a bolder approach to compete with hungry, nimble new entrants that are making inroads in this sector.
2018 Chemicals Trends
In 2018, the chemicals industry may be approaching more profitability. Prodded by accelerating technology advances, some companies have begun to rethink their growth strategies.
2018 Oil and Gas Trends
The oil and gas industry in 2018, with prices rebounding, feels much healthier than it did 12 months ago. But with demand high, the sector could be heading into a supply crunch.
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