Global Culture Survey 2018: Managing culture change in Japanese organizations

For Japanese organizations to thrive in today’s competitive global environment, an organizational culture that attracts top talent is more important than ever. According to the Global Culture Survey conducted by the Katzenbach Center (PwC Strategy&’s Center of Excellence specializing in organizational culture) in 2018 with more than 2,000 responses collected, 80% of Japanese respondents agree that organizational culture is a strong reason that people join an organization (vs. 60% globally). It is also a strong reason that people leave an organization (72% vs. 44% globally). In this article, we explore the cultural aspirations and the current cultural states of Japanese organizations with the aim of providing practical recommendations on how to reach a target state while maintaining aspects of the positive and unique characteristics of the existing culture.

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Please visit “グローバル組織文化調査2018:日本の組織における文化変革” for the Japanese version.

Please visit "Where organizational culture is headed" for further details on the results of the Global Culture Survey.

Global Culture Survey: Managing culture change in Japanese organizations

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