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Public and private organizations in the Middle East are undergoing constant organizational change in order to deal with demands for more and better services, lower costs, higher quality, and greater efficiency. While the need for a solid organizational change management strategy is widely understood, how to successfully implement change within an organization is not. Failed change management initiatives inevitably lead to operational inefficiency, lost time and money, lower productivity and morale, and reduced market share.

Strategy&’s organizational change management experts assist clients with managing change effectively, identifying areas of improvement, and implementing performance management strategies. Our team of experts can help organizations in the Middle East design operating models to meet the needs of shareholders, customers, and constituencies in the organization’s extended enterprise.

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Our thought leadership

From family enterprises to institutions
Middle East and North Africa family businesses are dealing with problems of generation transition, an increasingly challenging business environment, and business models growing in complexity. These firms need to embark on an institutionalization journey that is customized to their particular needs, with a focus on three areas: family and corporate governance, strategy, and corporate enablers.
How GCC companies can become global competitors
GCC companies must develop powerful capabilities through internal development, mergers and acquisitions, or partnerships if they want to maintain their growth and improve their positioning. As most large GCC companies are linked to the state, governments need to assist by upgrading corporate governance practices.
Fit for Service government
The GCC countries are in a fiscal crunch. All GCC governments have announced spending cuts, but conventional strategies, such as across-the-board or narrowly focused cuts, could do irreparable harm to GCC countries’ economic and social development. Instead, they need a more effective approach — one that enables them to cut costs and grow stronger simultaneously. This approach is called Fit for Service.
The Bureaucracy Measurement Index
Most large organizations struggle with bureaucracy, which can slow a company’s ability to respond to market changes and distract the company from building the differentiating capabilities it needs to grow. To address this problem, we have developed the Bureaucracy Measurement Index, a quantitative means to assess the level of bureaucracy within a company, compare it to benchmarks for that industry, and highlight problem areas.

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