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In today’s information-saturated world, we help our clients capture and hold people’s attention.

Infrastructure today, content tomorrow

The shift to digital is well past the tipping point for the media and entertainment sector. Changes in marketer and consumer behavior continue to accelerate, necessitating new strategies and flexible business models, particularly as the number of consumers is growing with a rising middle class in emerging markets. Now is an optimal time for both governments and companies to play a role in developing supply, nurturing demand, and growing value.

At Strategy&, the longest-serving consulting firm in the Middle East, we bring unparalleled regional expertise in content creation and programming, publishing, broadcasting, digital media, advertising, entertainment, and culture. By uniting strategy, design, and execution, we deliver immediate impact and long-term growth opportunities for government authorities, private investors, traditional media companies, and telecommunications companies. We advise organizations and leadership teams of all sizes on decisions related to cutting-edge trends and ongoing issues such as:

  • Digital transformation
  • Sector development
  • Cross-sector monetization and convergence
  • Private-sector investment
  • Advertising pressures
  • Entertainment experiences around brands
  • Technology-enabling experiences, including VR

Differentiating capabilities

Media and entertainment sector development

We work with governments on frameworks for sector assessment and gaps identification (in education, infrastructure, talent, regulations, funding), strategy development, and analysis of public–private partnerships.

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Media and entertainment – A growth path for telecom operators

We identify attractive media opportunities for telecom operators (e.g., digital advertising, OTT), the conditions under which telcos invest in them, the ways to play that can be adopted in each, and the key factors for successful execution.

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How we can help

Our media and entertainment expertise covers the entire business construct.

Sector development

  • Sector vision (North Star)
  • Media policy development
  • Sector governance
  • Digitization impact
  • Sector development strategy
  • Vision realization support
  • Industry reports
  • Media city development
  • Cultural districts development
  • Entertainment districts development
  • Sub-sector strategy and growth planning

Strategic direction

  • Opportunity assessment and feasibility study
  • Market/Sector entry strategy
  • Company setup
  • Commercial strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Corporate strategy and new growth priorities
  • New business models
  • Digital transformation
  • Local content development strategy

Financial planning and management

  • Cost optimization
  • Business cases
  • Due diligence
  • M&A
  • Performance management
  • Post-merger integration

Operating models

  • Organization restructuring
  • Workforce planning
  • Capability-led transformation
  • Governance alignment
  • Culture and change management

Marketing and communications

  • Marketing and communications strategy
  • Media investments
  • Social media listening
  • Media spend optimization/RoMI
  • Brand strategy
  • Communication plan

Telecom – Media convergence

  • Media and advertising strategy for Telcos
  • Video strategy
  • Pay TV/DTH strategy
  • Mobile advertising
  • Digital media plays
  • Digital marketer plays
  • Content strategy

Thought leadership

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