We help our clients stay ahead of the curve and scale up with digital services and IT solutions.

Enabling digitization

As innovative technologies — like cloud computing, machine learning, the Internet of Things, blockchain, and robotics — become increasingly common around the world, they are poised to disrupt nearly every sector. The rapidly changing digital world and the huge numbers of potential new customers bring great opportunities for both technology firms and governments, but they also bring challenges.

At Strategy&, the longest-serving consulting firm in the Middle East, we help our clients make tough choices about what areas to pursue and what differentiating capabilities to build. By uniting strategy, design, and execution, we deliver immediate impact and long-term growth opportunities for governments, multinational and local IT companies, investors, media companies, and telecommunications companies. We advise leadership teams of all sizes on decisions related to:

  • Strategy and ways to play
  • Operating model
  • Planning and performance management
  • Portfolio and use cases design
  • ICT solutions design and development
  • Business development
  • Sales and pre-sales capabilities build up
  • Business operations and customer management

Differentiating capabilities

ICT service providers - transformation for the digital age

We support regional IT firms with mature B2B plays as they make the leap to become digital services and solution innovators that enable the digital transformation of verticals, elaborating on key success factors.

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National strategies for emerging digital technologies

We provide a holistic view on how advanced technologies should be adopted nationwide. We support on national strategies for key technologies (cloud, cybersecurity, AI, blockchain), including funding and investment attraction, and national imperatives (focus areas, legal/regulatory changes, capability development, demand stimulation, etc.).

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How we can help

Our technology expertise covers the entire business construct.

Sector development

  • ICT/Digitization sector strategy
    • Cloud strategy and policy
    • Cybersecurity strategy and policy
  • National Blockchain strategy
  • National AI strategy
  • Funding and investment attraction strategy

Strategic direction

  • Vision and strategy formulation
  • Growth strategy/adjacencies
  • Inorganic growth strategy I
  • nvestment strategy/investment thesis
  • Innovation incubation
  • Transformation and turnaround programs

Financial planning and management

  • Cost optimization
  • Performance management
  • M&A
  • Business cases
  • Balance sheet optimization
  • Post-merger integration

Solutions and services

  • Datacenter and cloud ways-to-play and GTM
  • Managed services portfolio design and pricing (CPQ)
  • SDN/NFV strategy and use cases
  • IoT industry use cases innovation
  • IoT ways-to-play and GTM
  • Cybersecurity ways-to-play and GTM

Sales and presales

  • Sales and presales playbook
  • SME sales strategy
  • Partners and alliances management
  • Joint GTM models with resellers
  • Incentive scheme design
  • Bid management and presales model
  • Customer co-creation and business development

Customer and service operations

  • Agile operating model
  • Integrated operating center (IOC)
  • Design and operating model
  • Project delivery operating model
  • PMO setup and operations

Technology and operations

  • Technology strategy and plan
  • Digital technology architecture design
  • IT transformations

Operating models

  • Organization redesign
  • Corporate governance
  • Processes and policies development
  • Workforce rightsizing

Thought leadership

Technology trends 2019
What role should technology companies play in managing the way innovations are perceived by society at large — for example, the effect of AI on hiring or the impact of autonomous cars on mobility? How can these companies continue to...

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