Joint logistics operator

  • Strategy& assisted a group of investors in studying the feasibility of establishing a joint logistics-services company offering express and cargo services. The feasibility study sized the economic opportunity for the venture and gauged the optimal operating model.
  • Strategy& provided the clients with a comprehensive analysis of the regional logistics market, describing development and market drivers, competitors, business models, and key success factors. The market analysis was based on national and international benchmarks, dozens of firsthand market expert interviews, and intense market data analysis. It provided the client with valuable new insights.
  • Using the findings from the market analysis, Strategy& developed a business strategy for the logistics service provider, including market positioning, product portfolio, product characteristics, and pricing strategy. The firm also determined the expected freight volumes between key regional business centers and designed a detailed operational and network model, which showed the required routes, hubs, warehouses, vehicles, staff, and transportation times between destinations. The major activities and milestones for market entry were detailed. The firm developed a financial model based on this comprehensive concept and derived a business plan that allowed the clients to make the go/no-go decision.
  • By working closely with the clients, Strategy& ensured knowledge transfer and thereby deepened the clients’ understanding of the market and the business dynamics.