Stores strike back

By: Marc Hoogenberg |  Published: June 2, 2017

Not long ago I bought a pair of running shoes online. It took me ten minutes to find and buy the pair I wanted. I have to admit that I am probably not the most price sensitive shopper, so I saved myself some time, by not doing extensive price comparisons across multiple websites, accepting the risk of paying more than I could have otherwise. I went to the kitchen for some coffee and realised how instant my purchase really was. To be clear; I needed to get a new pair of shoes and had planned to shop for it. But still, from the moment of remembering to buy a new pair, to placing the order, it took little longer than an average TV commercial break.

The convenience of shopping online

It’s no secret that nowadays online shopping is one of the most popular ways to make purchases. Shopping online not only saves time, but also a lot of effort. You can do either your research and online shopping whenever and wherever, with the option of having products delivered at home. Why should you go to the store, with the convenience of shopping online?

A deep dive into the Netherlands’ market

With this idea in mind, I created a survey in November 2016. We asked 2,000 Dutch respondents about their shopping behaviours and preferences. We used many questions from our global survey, as well as from our previous Total Retail survey in the Netherlands (2014, data from 2013). This allowed us to contrast the responses of Dutch shoppers with global averages, as well as data from specific European countries

How should store-based retailers play their hand?

What we found was really intriguing yet also a bit surprising. Although online sales are expected to grow further across most product categories - at the cost of store-based sales - store-based retailers hold a trump card, possibly without them knowing it… The big question is: how should store-based retailers play their hand?

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