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Reimagining operations with a strategic lens

Operations executives are facing extraordinary new opportunities to be at the forefront of global business transformation. Digital operations are revolutionizing the way companies develop, make, and distribute their products and services.

But the confluence of global trends, changing industry ecosystems, and groundbreaking digital technologies has also left growth-seeking companies awash in complexity — often without a way to bring it to order.

The right set of differentiated operations capabilities can help you turn complexity into competitive advantage. Our Global Operations Survey shows that 42% of operations leaders are focusing on a few differentiating capabilities to drive competitive advantage.

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Leading companies are reimagining operations

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How our services help the world’s top companies

Customer operations

We help clients integrate customer engagement, service, and operations to create a distinctive customer experience that supports company revenue and profitability goals. Services include:

  • Digital sales and service solutions
  • Customer strategy and experience design
  • Digital and physical service transformation
  • Marketing and sales operations improvement
  • Service center operations improvement
  • Field service optimization

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Innovation and product development

We help clients drive innovative products and services to the market while improving the speed and quality of the end-to-end development process. Services include:

  • Digital innovation and Industry 4.0 solution design
  • Innovation and development strategy
  • R+D operating model and footprint
  • Product and complexity management
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Product development processes and commercialization
  • Design-to-cost and Design-to-value

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Strategic supply management

We help clients build a supply base with a highly competitive cost, value, and service profile, transforming supply management into a strategic enabler for the business. Services include:

  • Digital procurement
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Procurement operating model (organization, processes, governance)
  • Category strategy and management
  • Direct material design-to-value and should-cost
  • Supplier relationship, risk, and performance management
  • Complex procurement support
  • Contract management and value realization
  • Advanced sourcing analytics

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We help clients define manufacturing strategies that are linked with the business strategy, focus on the truly differentiating core capabilities, and drive competitive advantage in the market. Services include:

  • Digital manufacturing
  • Manufacturing strategy
  • Make or buy and network configuration
  • Technology selection
  • Manufacturing footprint design
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Manufacturing operating model
  • Manufacturing excellence and implementation

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Supply chain

We help clients develop end-to-end supply chains that are tailored to their market needs, leverage the latest digital technologies and provide competitive advantage in terms of service level, cost and asset efficiency, and flexibility. Services include:

  • Digital supply chain design and analytics
  • End-to-end supply chain strategy and operating model
  • Integrated business planning and execution
  • Supply chain network redesign
  • Logistics, transportation, and distribution optimization
  • Inventory and working capital optimization
  • Reverse (post-sales) logistics
  • Supply chain risk management
  • Sustainable supply chain management

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Capital assets

We help clients develop their capital asset strategy, execute mission-critical capital projects on time and on budget, and optimize asset performance to achieve cost and service objectives. Services include:

  • Digital asset management and predictive analytics
  • Capital asset strategy and portfolio management
  • Asset lifecycle management
  • Project governance, reporting, risk management, and assurance
  • Integrated project technology
  • Enterprise asset management
  • Integrated asset and work management
  • Asset reliability and performance improvement

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General and administrative (G&A) operations

We help clients align G&A functions with their growth strategy and make G&A cost and service management a core capability. Services include:

  • Enterprise services strategy and operating model
  • G&A strategic cost reduction
  • G&A transformation (people, process, technology)
  • Front, middle, and back office performance improvement
  • Intelligent process automation

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Enterprise-wide operational excellence

We help our clients design and execute strategic programs to achieve enterprise-wide operational excellence. We make operations a competitive advantage by focusing on strategy, process, behavior changes, and digitization. Services include:

  • Performance optimization strategy
  • Continuous improvement and lean transformation
  • Optimization of launch management and maintenance systems
  • Operations excellence in services and indirect functions
  • Optimization of energy consumption
  • Operations KPI cascades and reporting
  • Production and management systems
  • Implementation of Industry 4.0 solutions
  • Global operating model design

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Digital operations

We help clients to digitize their operations and connect products, assets, people, processes, and supply chain partners in order to achieve breakthrough efficiency, flexibility, and growth. Services include:

  • Overall digital strategy and transformation
  • Digital customer access and advanced services
  • Digital supply chain
  • Smart manufacturing operations
  • Digital engineering and product development
  • Integrated and agile IT architecture
  • Advanced data analytics and self-learning systems

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How Strategy& can help

How Strategy& can help

As part of PwC’s global operations practice, which is recognized by global analysts as a leader in operations consulting, Strategy& helps you close the gap between strategy and execution. Operations can and should be a strategic asset. We bring the industry, functional, and technology depth required to help you assess the strategic impact of every decision and investment, across the value chain. Whether it’s innovating to drive growth, strategically reducing costs, mobilizing globally, improving operational flexibility, improving capital efficiency, or realizing deal value, we can help you build the operations capabilities you need to grow sustainably in the long-term.

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