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We develop, design, and implement organizational transformation to improve performance and generate lasting growth.

Align your strategy, transform your business

When an organization doesn’t meet its stakeholders’ needs and expectations, the cause may not be a misguided strategy or vision. Often, underperformance is a result of a misaligned strategy across a company's many complex, interacting organizational parts.

We leverage a strategy-backed operating model and organization design approach. We identify an organization’s strategic goals, assess the fit of the organization against those goals, and then identify and implement the change needed to create a fit-for-purpose business. Finally, we look to enable the change by harnessing tried and true cultural and teaming levers.

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Align your strategy, transform your business

How we can help you

Organization assessment

Creating transformational change first requires a clear picture of how your company stacks up within your industry. At Strategy&, we have an expansive and thorough array of qualitative and quantitative tools that will help you understand how your organization compares to the competition.

Service offerings include:

  • Organization DNA diagnostic and assessment
  • Organization efficiency and effectiveness assessment
  • Cultural thumbprint assessment
  • Decision-rights assessment
  • Benchmarking

Assess your Org DNA

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Enterprise organization transformation

At Strategy&, we support clients in redesigning their operating model around a strategy that works to generate sustainable growth.

Service offerings include:

  • Re-organizing for strategic advantage, innovation, and/or efficiency
  • Redesign of the role of corporate center and business units
  • Shared services and global business services strategy
  • Formal and informal operating model strategy and design
  • Performance management transformation including design of measures, metrics, and incentives

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Functional organization transformation

We help clients cut costs and unlock performance by redesigning functional organizations across all dimensions, including structure, process, tools, talent, and culture. We work with leaders to understand their unique enablers of change and the barriers to it. Finally, we help deploy informal and formal levers to promote key behaviors that shift mind-sets and produce a long-term impact on performance.

Service offerings include:

  • SG&A efficiency and effectiveness improvement
  • Functional operating model transformation and capability building
  • End to end process and cross-functional interaction model design

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Culture engagement and evolution

We help clients close the strategy-through-execution gap by putting their cultures to work. Our network of practitioners in the Katzenbach Center advise companies across multiple industries, geographies, and business situations, guiding clients as they tap the power of their cultures and unlock the wisdom of teams to foster performance. Our time-tested methodology and focused thought leadership is rooted in the original works of leading organizational strategy advisor and best-selling author, Jon Katzenbach.

Service offerings include:

  • Culture evolution and informal organization development
  • Leadership team effectiveness
  • Critical behavior development during transformational change
  • Pride building
  • Front-line performance transformation

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Case studies

  • Financial services
  • Industrial products
  • Consumer products
Financial services

Organization redesign improves U.S. bank’s profitability

A large regional U.S. bank was suffering from multiple challenges including a changing regulatory environment, a souring mortgage portfolio, and an underperforming efficiency ratio relative to peers. Strategy& helped identify its organization siloes and then address its challenges by redefining its competitive way to play, designing an operating model that improved revenues and costs favorably against with competitors, and building governance through planning processes to sustain the change. As a result of our engagement, the bank identified total benefits in excess of $900 million, drastically reduced its efficiency ratio, and implemented new planning processes for sustainable growth over the long term.

Industrial products

Post-merger roll-up revamped business model for better integration

After rapidly acquiring multiple small companies, each with their own salesforce and manufacturing facilities, a ~$2 billion conglomerate on the verge of bankruptcy needed help with strategic integration, plant rationalization, and best practice transfer. Strategy& supported an intense 90-day strategic review and made recommendations that resulted in a consolidation into four regional teams, a complete restructuring, and new operating models for the corporate entity as well as the remaining business units. We helped stabilize the company around better management and decision-making processes, more structured pricing strategy, and operational efficiencies. The program’s EBITDA capture comprised almost 100% of year-to-date profit in the first six months after implementation. Moreover, additional sales force effectiveness tools and customer servicing capabilities were embedded to support the client’s value propositions and position the client for long-term growth.

Consumer products

CPG company’s transformation results in dramatic cost savings

A leading European CPG company was experiencing limited revenue growth, declining market shares, and margin pressure. Its key challenges—limited return on innovation investments, a lack of speed to market, and an Inability to connect with end customers—were rooted in slow decision making due to organizational complexity and relatively high overhead. Strategy& was engaged to support an ambitious business improvement and cost reduction program aiming to deliver more than a billion dollars in structural savings over three years. We addressed organizational complexity; streamlined organizational processes across IT, finance, HR, marketing, and supply channels; built cost management capabilities, installed a “productivity” and cost consciousness mind-set; simplified the matrix structure; and designed operating model enforcing capabilities and strategy. As a result of our work, the company has seen dramatic cost savings and growth drivers, and is on track to reach or exceed its goals.

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