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Our global infrastructure and mining practice has the expertise to help you navigate and respond to the powerful dynamics reshaping the industry.

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The electric, water, and gas utility industries, and in turn infrastructure and mining (I&M) companies — the companies that design, build, and deliver the products and services utilities rely on — are experiencing a period of unprecedented change. Electric utilities, for example, are feeling pressure from expanding distributed technology deployment, tightening regulations (some driving significant capital expenditure requirements), and shifting relative fuel prices. At the same time, their U.S.-based I&M suppliers increasingly have to diversify global footprints and modify operating models as global growth rates diverge.

With products ranging from utility-scale power plants, turbines, boilers, pumps, and valves to smart-grid sensors and software and services including design, engineering, and maintenance, I&M companies must adapt to external changes affecting their customers by continuously reevaluating their portfolios, expanding their geographic reach, and improving operational efficiencies.

The infrastructure and mining practice at PwC's Strategy& leverages its strategic planning expertise and deep understanding of global power, gas, and water markets to help suppliers across these sectors navigate and respond to evolving business challenges.

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  • Cost transformation
  • Technology strategy
  • Fit for Growth
Manufacturing cost transformation

Manufacturing cost transformation

Our client, which primarily serves coal power generators, faced a unique set of market challenges driven by fossil fuel price and regulatory uncertainty.

New technology commercialization

New technology commercialization: Small modular nuclear reactor

In the years leading up to the 2008 financial crisis, natural gas prices had been volatile and, on average, high enough to advantage non-gas new plant builds.

Fit for Growth approach

Fit for Growth approach: Major U.S. coal producer

In the face of rising coal prices through 2008, many U.S. coal producers grew through the mantra “more is better,” acquiring new sources and mines through bolt-on acquisitions.


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