Unleashing the power of teams: From theory to execution

March 16, 2011

Executive summary

In most organizations, the untapped performance potential from teams is enormous. While the fundamental theory of team performance is perhaps well known, many teams fall short of their full potential because they fail to move from theory to execution, particularly when it comes to making critical decisions about when, where, and how to team. The first step to executing a well-designed and sustainably effective team performance strategy should be taken at the senior leadership level. In workshops focused on applying team fundamentals to real business challenges, senior leaders can learn to recognize the significance of different types of teams and when they should be employed, while generating immediate business impact. After senior leadership has successfully embraced and internalized strategic teaming, top managers should develop the institutional capability to spread these behaviors throughout the organization. With attention and diligence, companies can fairly rapidly move from team theory to execution and improve the performance and effectiveness of their teams.


Unleashing the power of teams: From theory to execution

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