Andrew Clark

Andrew Clark


Andrew Clark is a partner based in Strategy&’s London office and is a member of the firm’s energy practice. Andrew specializes in near-term performance improvement strategies, covering issues such as cost, performance, operating model, and human capital management.

Andrew has authored a number of viewpoints, the most recent being “Zero-Based Cost Management,” and he co-authored an article in strategy+business, “Resetting the Cost Structure at Shell” with Gerard Paulides, the CFO of Shell’s European upstream business.

Andrew joined Strategy& in 2001 as an associate. Prior to that, he worked for the chemicals company ICI for 11 years in various positions in research, production, marketing, and strategy planning. During this time, Andrew also worked for two years in the UK government’s Cabinet Office on industry and science policy.

Andrew earned his BSc and PhD in Chemistry from the University of Wales and his MBA from Open University (UK).