David Lancefield

David Lancefield


David Lancefield is an advisor to senior executives, an author, presenter and coach. He helps organisations and industries grow profitably and sustainably, whether through strategic reviews, new ventures, partnerships, pricing improvements, new organisational models or policy reform. He injects new ideas, insight, energy and structure to decisions and initiatives, moving from strategy to execution. His belief is that successful corporate transformation starts with the individual, in terms of their beliefs, motivations and behaviours. And involves imagination, drive, resilience and good humour.

David has extensive experience in the media and entertainment industry – strategic options and reviews (in news, TV, newspapers, technology, online advertising, data, pay-TV, radio), new ventures and products (mobile, radio, IPTV, music), pricing strategy (content, brands, sports rights, information), valuation of assets (TV programmes, public service contribution, music rights), return on investment (content, advertising, economic impact), competition/regulatory investigations (abuse of dominance state aid, premium rates, licence renewals, licensing – in public service broadcasting, sports rights, publishing, advertising).

David has redesigned the landscape of a number of regulated industries – media, internet, copyright, pensions, health and utilities – through strategic reviews, policy design and transformational programmes, working with Ministers, regulators, officials and the companies involved.

Examples of projects include:

  • A pricing strategy review, and implementation, for a B2B publisher – leading to multi-million growth upside.
  • Repositioning a media company towards a future that is more commercial sustainably with a clearer purpose as a result of our strategic and operational review.
  • Structuring successful new ventures in online advertising, IPTV and mobile TV and digital radio.
  • Helping Ofwat to deliver ‘more for less’ – in the form of lower customer bills (5% before inflation over a five year period) and £43bn investment – in a leading edge price review, all delivered to time and at a high quality.
  • Securing State aid approval of the £1bn financial package to support Royal Mail, a critical ingredient in its privatisation.

He has published more than fifty reports, numerous articles in the Harvard Business Review and strategy+business, and is a sought-after speaker, including at TEDx, Advertising Week Europe, MIPCOM and senior executive events. His views have been captured in the Financial Times, Times, the Guardian, Hollywood Reporter and the Huffington Post. He also lectures and facilitates sessions on strategy, innovation and leadership at the London Business School.

David has developed perspectives on the strategy and leadership issues relating to AI, Board dynamics in a digital age, Brexit and transformation. He also pioneered PwC’s research into the implications of the megatrends, and developed partnerships with the London Business School (teaching, research and the Goshal conference on strategy), the Institute of Economic Affairs (on the Beesley Lecture Series on Regulation), the Economic Research Council (Clash of the Titans predictions on the economy) and the Institute of Public Policy Research (on the future of competition in health and education).

He has an MSc (Distinction) and BSc (First Class) in economics from the University of Warwick.

David is passionate about inclusion, diversity and mental health, the hallmarks of high performing and happy teams; he’s written, spoken and sponsored initiatives in all of these areas.

He lives in Hertfordshire with his wife Saloni, and young son, Sachin.