Technology has the power to change the world around us and governments now have a fantastic opportunity to harness that power to transform the way they deliver their services for citizens. Strategy& Partner, Daniel Burke is joined by Murat Sönmez, Head of the Centre for the 4th Industrial Revolution at the World Economic Forum (WEF) to explore this further in our collaboration with the FT and WEF.

The future of government: a leap to digital

Government can play a huge role in accelerating the positive impacts of technologies such as automation, drones, blockchain and AI. In Rwanda drones deliver blood to women in childbirth and in Norway blockchain is used to encourage the growth of the renewable energy sector. These frontier technologies have the potential to create more equal economies and societies.

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Can digital government create a fairer future?

Can digital government create a fairer future?

The challenge facing governments is how to harness the huge potential of frontier technologies in running services, while making sure the benefits are shared widely and fairly. Shaping and guiding the digital revolution is key and without a firm guiding hand there is a risk that the benefits can only be enjoyed by those who are already plugged into the system. How can governments make the leap to digital in a way which ensures a fairer future for everyone?

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