International internship experience

Select Interns experienced PwC’s global network by shadowing a US assignee working abroad. These interns had the opportunity to acquire and expand critical skills that will help them succeed in a truly global network of firms while experiencing a new culture, establishing new relationships, and enjoying new life challenges.

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Melanie Brown, an intern from the New York office, traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina for her International Intern Experience. Hear from Melanie as she describes how the experience helped her grow both professionally and personally.

Travel abroad

Travel abroad

The international intern experience is your opportunity to immerse yourself in PwC’s global network through working abroad. Selected interns will have the chance to acquire and expand critical skills that will help them succeed in a truly global landscape while experiencing a new culture, making friends, and enjoying new life challenges. Working with our global network of firms, the US firm will send interns to offices around the world for a one-week assignment. Interns will be paired with a current US assignee abroad to experience life inside the world’s leading professional services firm — at home or overseas. Participating interns will develop many new skills and qualities that will be valuable for their future careers.

Selected interns will begin their winter/spring or summer internship in their respective home office on their market designated start date and will attend local training with their intern peer group. This will be followed by a one week international assignment abroad. Upon completion of this experience, interns will return to their local office to complete their winter/spring or summer internship. All work visas, housing and travel arrangements will be paid by PwC.

Interested students should contact their local recruiter for further details.

Jacob Christiansen - London

Jacob Christiansen

Jacob Christiansen, an assurance intern from the Carolinas market, spent a week in our PwC UK London office as part of our International Internship Experience. As Jacob reflected on his experience, he expressed that, “During my international internship experience in London, I had the opportunity to visit one of the most culturally diverse PwC offices in the world. The London office is home to partners and staff from around the globe. While shadowing the engagement team of a well-known client in the London top tier group, I met staff from eleven different countries. While the individuals that make up the PwC global network come from different cultures and backgrounds, the overall firm culture and values remain consistent across the world. I had no problem making the transition from the Charlotte, NC office to the London, UK office. This experience truly opened my eyes to the fact that PwC is a global firm that leverages the expertise of staff around the world to provide the highest quality of service to clients. I am honored to have been selected to participate in this program and would like to thank PwC US and PwC UK for this incredible opportunity. I have made connections and memories that will last a lifetime. When I was not at the PwC office or on-site with the engagement team, I spent my time exploring the city of London. The historical architecture around every corner is breathtaking. I had an excellent time during my international internship experience in London and highly recommend future interns to pursue this opportunity.”

Carly Turner - Luxembourg

Carly Turner

The international intern experience at PwC allows interns the opportunity to explore new cultures, make life-long friends, and enjoy new challenges. Carly Turner, Greater Chicago market intern, was no exception as she was able to explore some of the city's biggest attractions, work with an interesting client and see both the similarities and differences between the operations of the US and countries like Luxembourg. She also made new friends whose hometowns spanned the globe, learning about their lifestyle as well as their style of work. Luxembourg made a big impression on Carly, one that added much depth to her overall experience, "an experience I will never forget," shares Carly. "The people, the culture, the work environment – it opened my worldview to so many possibilities, and I am so thankful to PwC for this experience."

Anna Claire Wammack – Switzerland

Anna Claire Wammack

Anna Claire, a North Texas tax intern, has always had an interest in doing business internationally so she was thrilled to be chosen to participate in PwC’s international internship experience and see, firsthand, how business is conducted in Zurich, Switzerland. "When I arrived, I was able to meet several PwC employees from the US that work in the Zurich office as secondees. Hearing about their experiences with the PwC global mobility program showed me that PwC offers numerous paths for its employees to develop and succeed throughout their careers. I also travelled to Schaffhausen with Garrett Young, a manager from the North Texas market, to his audit client. The team brought together two Americans, a Swiss, and a South African. Seeing them work together despite language and cultural differences showed me that though we may come from different schools of thought and practice, it is possible to successfully work with a diverse group toward a common goal. The International Internship Experience has showed me how much PwC cares about its employees and how it is invested in their interests and their futures. It was such an honor to be chosen for this amazing experience, and I am so thankful for PwC and all of the people that I met for giving me such a memorable trip!”

Amy Hansen - Ireland

Amy Hansen

Amy Hansen, San Jose market intern, exclaimed that her "week in Ireland has launched me into preparing for business in a global economy. As my clients start to look across borders and overseas, I am ready to support their international business needs with a global network inside the world’s leading professional services firm. Although I only sat at an Irish desk for a week, I was able to join an incredibly agile and forward-thinking team well suited to address the needs of dynamic multinational companies and include a new professional in the process. As I stood on the seventh floor, with a beautiful view of the harbor beneath, I felt Irish. “Everyone is Irish if you go back in their history far enough,” said a manager on my team. But if you can’t seem to find your Irish heritage on paper, the people will accept you just as you are. That’s the Irish way. Global mobility is happening at PwC because of the people who create this culture. PwC continues to lead the professional services industry because it invests in the professionals of tomorrow by inviting us to grow our own way."

Christopher Cassity - Toyko

Christopher Cassity

Throughout his time in Toyko, Japan, rockies market intern Christopher Cassity, had the opportunity to work with a well-known client, listen in and ask questions regarding quarterly calls from teams around the world, and work side by side with many highly reputable individuals. Chris also found some time to submerge himself in the Toyko culture. From the food, to the beautiful sites, the crazy subway system and the friendly people, Chris shared that he "couldn't have asked for a better experience. I learned that opportunities are virtually endless at the firm. I was previously sold on the fact, and this international experience only solidified the fact, that I am and will be a proud advocate of PwC for many years to come! Thank you very much for this amazing opportunity."

Sue Park - London

Sue Park

A big reason why Sue Park, advisory MBA intern, wanted to work for PwC this summer was because she wanted opportunities to work across international borders in her career, and PwC offered a myriad of opportunities to be engaged on international projects. Although this was her first time in the UK, it surprised Sue how easy it was to assimilate herself. She shared that "the new team invited me in with welcome arms and quickly integrated me into the project. Despite working out of another office in another country, the PwC culture at London seemed no different, and it felt like I was working out of my home office back in New York. This showed me how strong the PwC brand is and that it overcomes cross cultural barriers."

Brett Balasa - Finland

Brett Balasa

Brett Balasa's international intern experience in Helsinki, Finland, was educational, meaningful, and incredibly fun. This intern from the wash metro market applied his new knowledge of the PwC professional framework he had learned at the start of his internship to his experience including advancing his global acumen. His time spent with PwC “Suomi” (aka PwC Finland), afforded him many answers to his pre-experience questions of exactly how a global team operates. Having this chance to witness another location in PwC’s global network of firms has illustrated that PwC adds so much value to thousands of companies all around the world. He shared that "spending time in Helsinki has been one of the top cultural experiences I’ve ever had. The PwC team I worked with made this trip so special. The international intern experience has developed me so much personally and professionally and I very grateful to have had this opportunity."

Megan McKernan - Belgium

Megan McKernan

For Megan McKernan, intern from the Philadelphia market, things in life that are worth doing usually involve you going out of your comfort zone. When she heard about the international intern experience, she knew that she absolutely wanted to give it a try. Brussels is a city that Megan had always wanted to visit because of its unique hodgepodge of cultures (and chocolate…), and she thanks PwC for the opportunity to experience it. Not only did she participate in conference calls with clients located in other countries, but she was also able to see what a typical work week looks like from a global perspective. This experience really gave her a better idea of what she wants out of her career. As Megan would tell anyone, "I am incredibly fortunate to have had this experience and would recommend it to anybody. Great things happen when you step outside of your comfort zone!"